• Are you taking steps to make a difference in the world?

  • Are you making smart financial decisions?

  • Are you protecting your assets?

  • Are you taking care of the people you love?

  • Are you achieving the health & lifestyle you want?

  • Are you managing tax effectively?

  • The team at Advocate Private Wealth can help.

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Welcome to Advocate Private Wealth

At Advocate Private Wealth, we believe in the value of advice

Our objective is to help people manage their private wealth and to achieve all that is important to them and their families so they can live inspired lives.

We are proud that our firm is known as the go to private wealth firm for senior executives, directors, business leaders, future leaders and business owners.

We enjoy looking after key people across the business community to help them become financially well organised, and stay that way.

We work with successful people to address their six biggest private wealth concerns

  1. Making smart decisions about their money
  2. Protecting assets from being unjustly taken
  3. Taking care of their heirs
  4. Mitigating tax
  5. Achieving health and lifestyle objectives
  6. Philanthropic planning and making a difference

Alarmingly, our research shows that only one in six people feel totally organised in relation to their money, and perception is not always the reality.  In fact, those who are completely organised are few and far between because the financial services system is complicated and our role is to help you navigate this system and create the financial reality that you set your mind to.  Consider the questions in our financial quiz towards what may be holding you back from reaching your potential.

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“We are passionate about helping people to be healthier, wealthier and wiser.”

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